The Everlight Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFETs come with ultra-fast switching speeds and minimal switching losses. These advanced MOSFETs from Everlight are the ideal compact solution to streamline your peripheral device usage, optimize space utilization, and reduce costs.

The Everlight SiC MOSFET series covers voltage ratings of 650V and 1200V, offering a broad range of resistances, spanning from 20 mOhm to 100 mOhm. This ensures exceptional conductivity and efficiency for your power applications. Packaged in the reliable and widely adopted TO-Series format, these MOSFETs seamlessly integrate into your existing systems.


1. Able to operate in a wide current range from small to large currents
2. Lowest losses in practical applications
3. High-frequency switching under high voltage conditions
4. Higher reliability, excellent performance in high-temperature environments, high-speed switching, and low on-resistance characteristics
5. Resistance range: 20 mOhm to 100 mOhm

Other Applications

1. Servers, communication equipment
2. Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
3. Solar power inverter
4. Electric vehicle charging station

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