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EVERLIGHT Electronics won the 15th 2021 Asia-Pacific Enterprise Awards; APEA ”Corporate Excellence Award”

Shulin District, New Taipei City, Taiwan, Sep 7, 2021 –The 15th “2021 Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA)” organized by Enterprise Asia has completed the award ceremony online on June 30, and a total of 59 award-winning companies and entrepreneurs in the Asia-Pacific region were awarded. Before the award ceremony, the organizers also held the “2021 Asia Entrepreneurship Forum (AEF)” online with the theme of “Restarting the Economic Blueprint and Moving towards Sustainable Recovery”. More than 300 business leaders from China, Hong Kong,China, Taiwan,China, Bahrain, Brunei, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand participated in the forum.

The Enterprise Asia pointed out that the purpose of APEA is to give the greatest encouragement and recognition to business founders and operators. Every year, more than 800 registrations in the Asia-Pacific region are received, and about 7% of them are recognized by the jury. In the final round of the judging list this year, 130 entrepreneurs and companies from 15 countries and regions were nominated. Finally, the organizer awarded 59 awards.

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(for EVERLIGHT Electronics related information, please refer to pages 152 to 155.)

EVERLIGHT Electronics won the 15th 2021 Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards; APEA) “Corporate Excellence Award”
The winning photo and video are as follows:

About EVERLIGHT Electronics Co. Ltd.

Everlight는1983년 Robert Yeh 회장 아래에 대만 타이페이에 설립되었으며, 38년의 R&D 경험을 통해 믿을 수 있는 역량을 구축했다. 빠른 고객 요구 대처와 뛰어난 브랜드 인지도를 통해, Everlight는 세계LED시장에서 TOP 5위를 달성했다. 최고의 품질과 서비스 보장을 위해, 제품은 본사에서 직접 생산 및 패키징 한다.
Everlight는 Hight power LED, SMD LED, 램프, 광 부품, LED 조명 모듈, 디지털 디스플레이,포토커플러, 적외선 부품 등 다양한 분야의 포트폴리오를 제공하고 있다. 오늘날 Everlight는 글로벌 회사로 도약하여, 세계 각지에 6400명 이상의 직원을 보유하고 있다. (중국, 홍콩, 일본, 한국, 싱가포르, 말레이시아, 인도, 독일, 미국 등)
당사 홈페이지 또는 홍보팀pr@everlight.com을 통해 더 많은 정보를 확인 할 수 있습니다.

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