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German Federal Patent Court has decided Seoul Semiconductor’ s Patent is invalid

Shulin District, New Taipei City, Taiwan, July 13, 2020- Everlight Electronics(“Everlight”) and Epileds Technologies(“Epileds”) have always committed to technological innovation and created the patent litigation strategy alliance. On March 14, 2018, we filed a nullity action against Seoul Semiconductor(“SSC”) in the German Federal Patent Court(“the Court”) seeking a judgment that all claims of SSC’s Europe patent EP1697983(German patent DE60341314.5) should be invalid. The patent-in-suit is related to the surface roughness technology of vertical chip. On July 2, 2020, the Court has rendered the judgment, and has decided that the all claims of SSC’s Europe patent EP1697983(German patent DE60341314.5) are invalid. According to the judgement of the Court, SSC has been ordered to bear the costs for the proceedings. Everlight and Epileds affirmed the result of this judgment and won the victory by defending our customers’ benefits and rights. Everlight and Epileds declared that the primary purpose of patent rights is to protect the innovative results of research and development, and encourage industrial development. When a competitor interrupts the market by means of lawsuit, we carry out persistent and relentless action as response to file patent lawsuit, and commit ourselves in fair market competition. Our customers’ and shareholders’ benefits and rights should be protected. EVERLIGHT continues to make efforts in and expand its ability of the research, production, and design of technology and products, and deepen its deployment of intellectual property rights to enhance product competitiveness. EVERLIGHT possesses a strong patent portfolio in the key markets including America, China, Japan, Europe, Korea and Taiwan, and will keep offering quality services and products to its customers. In response to any untrue market news about EVERLIGHT, EVERLIGHT will initiate lawsuits as necessary to protect its customers’ and shareholders’ benefits and rights.

About EVERLIGHT Electronics Co. Ltd.

Everlight는1983년 Robert Yeh 회장 아래에 대만 타이페이에 설립되었으며, 38년의 R&D 경험을 통해 믿을 수 있는 역량을 구축했다. 빠른 고객 요구 대처와 뛰어난 브랜드 인지도를 통해, Everlight는 세계LED시장에서 TOP 5위를 달성했다. 최고의 품질과 서비스 보장을 위해, 제품은 본사에서 직접 생산 및 패키징 한다.
Everlight는 Hight power LED, SMD LED, 램프, 광 부품, LED 조명 모듈, 디지털 디스플레이,포토커플러, 적외선 부품 등 다양한 분야의 포트폴리오를 제공하고 있다. 오늘날 Everlight는 글로벌 회사로 도약하여, 세계 각지에 6400명 이상의 직원을 보유하고 있다. (중국, 홍콩, 일본, 한국, 싱가포르, 말레이시아, 인도, 독일, 미국 등)
당사 홈페이지 또는 홍보팀pr@everlight.com을 통해 더 많은 정보를 확인 할 수 있습니다.

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